Pohořelec is the previous suburb of Hradčany, founded in 1375 by deputy burgrave Alš of Malkovice. The place was pursued by fires and the name results from this fact. At first it happened in 1420 during the Hussite wars. After renewal the fire came again in 1541. For the third time the fire arrived during occupation of Prague by French armies in 1742.

In the middle of the square, through which a tram line led at that time, there is standing a rococo sculptural group of St Jan Nepomucký, work by Jan Antonín Quitainer from 1752. It was mounted there in 1846, after its replacement from Hradčany.

The east side of Pohořelec is dominated with large corner Trčkovský house no. 110, a storied, late renaissance building from the half of 17th century. The building touches Loretánská Street with its northern wing and it touches Úvoz with its southern wing. Northern and southern sides of the square are formed by historical houses. In the southern frontage there is an entrance to stairs which lead to the Strahov monastery. In lower part, where Street of Úvoz is beginning, a late and high baroque front of the previous hospice of St Elizabeth and St Norbert no. 155 must attract your attention. In front of the face there are stairs with sculptural decoration. Looking more closely, you can find out that the building is solitary, because it is separated from the neighbouring house no. 154 with a very narrow alley. The northern frontage is formed by wide facade of Šlikovský house no. 111, Švábovský house no. 112 and originally gothic house U Frýdlů no. 113, drastically reconstructed in renaissance and baroque styles. On the corner there is standing Kučera Palace no. 114, which has underwent huge reconstruction recently. The last three mentioned buildings have common arcade.

The west side of Pohořelec is definitely dominated by the front of central building of the huge barrack premises no. 120. The central building was constructed in 1890-1893 according to the design by builder Jindřich Fialka. In front there are motorway as well as pedestrian road and electric tram line.