The square has been named after a native of Kolín and a writer, Josef Svatopluk Machar (1864-1942). It is interesting that he was appointed a general inspector of the Czechoslovak army after the origin of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918. However, he left up his function soon, in 1924, as he had got into a dissent against the official policy of T. G. Masaryk.

The Square of Machar is situated in a quiet peculiar part of Střešovice, called Ořechovka. It is surrounded with villa buildings; in the centre there is full-grown green area. Also a cycle way is passing through there.

In the green area of the square there is standing a memorial, which was built by Střešovice, thanks to voluntary collection, to its killed soldiers in the World War I. Author of the piece of art is sculptor Josef Franěk. Stone work was undertaken by a workshop of sculptor Otakar Velínský in Letná. Author of architectonic modification is Alois Dryák. The whole memorial, including pedestal, is nearly three meters high.

The sculpture figures a wounded dying soldier in a uniform and with an ammunition pouch on the belt. After the shot his military helmet feel down, which is a symbolic hint that fight had been definitely ended for him. The figure is on his knees and in a deep back bend. Inscription, which is placed in the front of the memorial, says: „Střešovice to its killed 1914-1918.“ On the back side there is an inscription: „Built by care of citizens of Střešovice in 1929.“ On both narrow sides of the pedestal there are names of the killed, there are mentioned 82 people in total.

The memorial was ceremoniously unveiled on 13th October 1929 in the morning with great attendance of the local societies and citizens.