The Square in front of batteries, which is situated in Střešovice, can be found in the prolonged axis of Sibeliova Street, round the Bohemian-Brethren church. On the north it is bordered by part of Street At the sixth battery and on the south-east by the Street At Batteries.

The above-mentioned names recall the military past of Prague. The Prussians set their artillery batteries on the local uphill twice. First it was on 1st September 1744 when the Prussian army besieged Prague and subjected it to devastating bombing. On 15th September the capital of the Bohemian kingdom capitulated and two days later, Prussian army, spearheaded by its king Fridrich II marched in Prague. Prague towns were plundered and high protection money was imposed on the inhabitants. The Prussian occupation ended on 26th November 1744.

For the second time, Fridrich II with his army, besieged Prague, this time unsuccessfully, in May and June 1757, during the so-called Seven Years’ War. The Prussians built pits and artillery batteries in the whole south-east part of the uphill in Střešovice. From there they bombarded especially Hradčany, Pohořelec and Nový svět over the fortifications.

In the front of the park area of the square there is standing a church of parish fraternity of the Bohemian-Brethren Church. It was constructed during 1938-1939 according to the design by ing. arch. Bohumír Kozák. In the building’s front there is placed a tower and there is an entrance to the sanctuary in the ground floor. The clock tower is 21 m high with ground plan of 5 x 3,5 m. The first floor of the tower, where the organs are, is open to the nave, on the second floor there is a clock mechanism. There are concrete stairs leading from the gallery to the higher sections. On the top of the tower there is a squared modern lantern with glass-walls, closed in a low pyramidal roof.