Na Šťáhlavce, Na Dionýsce, Bechyňova and Zelená Streets run into the Square Na Santince. If the street name plate of the Square Na Santince were not there hardly anyone would realize that the area is a square. On the north-east there is standing a classic three-storied house from the fifties, with shops and arcade in the floor. On the opposite side there are three high apartment houses turning into the area. There is also a parking lot available.

The Square was founded in 1929 and it was named Na Santince, which has not been changed during the whole period of its existence. The name is reminder of the fact that near there used to stand a homestead of the same name. Around it there used to be vineyards and later on hop-gardens. It had got its name after its previous owner, a Lesser-Town burgher and an imperial builder, Santini Bossi, who died in 1673 in Prague. The aforementioned was the elder of the Lesser-Town order of bricklayers and masons during 1653-1672. He played an important role in construction of fortifications of the Lesser Town. During 1664-1673 he was the owner of Santinka and at that time he built there a new residential house and he extended the vineyard. Then the owners of the homestead were changing and at last the baroque one storied building of Santinka was demolished in the thirties of the last century. There was built a school on its place in today’s Bílá Street.