The square has been named in the honour of František Krupka. He was born in 1884 in Hořepník. He was ordained as a priest on 29th June 1907. Since 1912 he had worked in Bubeneč and ten years later he became a pastor there. He played a very important role in Singing Czechoslovak Community, where he became a member of the subcommittee in 1924.

Church dedicated to St Gothard had been standing there in the early Middle Ages. The first mention of it comes from 1313, but it was probably much older. Later on it perished without any trace and it was replaced by the present building. It was built in 1801 by builder Matěj Šmaha and in 1809 it was modified by builder Josef Zobel. The church underwent next modifications in 1861. In the church front there is standing a tower, which is by one floor higher than the church nave. Round sections with clocks are broken into the bottom part of the low helmet roof. Behind the church there is standing parish building no. 32. On the top of the short stairs, by the church, there is standing a classicist chapel from 1801 with the sculpture of St Jan Nepomucký.

Eastern side of the square is taken by buildings no. 8/5 and no. 26/4, which have been united in one complex nowadays and which have been used for Business School. House no. 8 was originally a town hall. It was built by builder Jindřich Frolík in 1905-1906 according to design by builder Václav Ort. House no. 26 was built as a school in 1909, again according to project by Václav Ort. The neo-renaissance and partially art-nouveau buildings have interesting art decoration of the front and they have been completed with a tower in their centre.

The northern boundary of the square is formed by a late classicist residential house no. 17. Its facade is stripped-rusticated in the ground floor and it has a saddle roof.