The square was founded in 1925 and it was called the Ural Square, according to the mountains in the previous Soviet Union. In the period of German occupation during 1940-1945 it was the Square of Maria Theresa. It was named after the Austrian empress of Habsburg dynasty, Maria Theresa (1717-1780), who ruled during 1740-1780. The aforementioned was also the Czech and Hungarian queen. She let crowned herself at the Prague Castle on 12th May 1743. During 1945-1952 the Square was called Ural again and then till now it has been called the Square of Puškin. Alexandr Sergejevič Puškin (1799-1837) was a Russian writer and national poet. He died from injuries which he had sustained in a duel.

The area of the square arose due to realization of the surrounding block development of Bubeneč and it has become its natural centre. Besides roads, its area is formed by a park. It is organized axially, nowadays with distinctive vista, which consists of horse chestnuts around and in the centre of the park. There is also a children’s playground.