The Square of International Brigade is surrounded with high apartment houses. There is a park, spreading in the centre, which is a part of the green belt of parks, which connects the Prague castle to the Royal Park. The park was established on basis of the regulation project by prof. ing. arch. Antonín Engel in the twenties of the last century. It was reconstructed to the present shape in the half of nineties, including installation of new children’s playground.

There are standing three memorials in the park area of the square. Memorial to marshal I. S. Koněvov (1897-1973) was, with attendance of the political representatives at that time, ceremoniously unveiled on 9th May 1980. Author of the memorial is academic sculptor Zdeněk Krybus. The marshal, portrayed in larger-than-life size and standing on a high pedestal, is wearing an unbuttoned military cloak, military cap and he is holding a bunch of lilacs in his right hand; cheering Prague welcomed the members of the Red Army with these flowers on 9th May 1945. Parts of the memorial are also an architectonically modified space and a memorial tablet.

Another memorial, standing in widely modified architectonic area, is a sculpture of Latin-American national hero Simón Bolívar (1783-1830), donated to the city of Prague by the government and people of Venezuela in 1983. Stone pedestal of the memorial is 1,80 m high, there is another, copper one on that, 25 cm high, and then there is standing a figure of Simón Bolívar, made of copper as well. He is wearing a uniform with tabs and high boots reaching above his knees. He has a long, flowing cloak, slang over his left shoulder. He has his left hand on his hip and he leans with the left hand against the sword hilt. He fixes his eyes to a distance, to the future of his country. Sculpture of Simón Bolívar is a piece of work by Jan Hána from 1980-1983.

The third memorial standing in the park area of the square is fundamentally smaller. It is a bust of Mexican politician, Benito Juaréz.