The name Letná has been accepted for part of cadastral area in Bubeneč. Explanation of its origin is interesting as well as those of some other Prague parts. Explanation that Letná in Prague is compared to the Sicilian Etna like „L‘ Etna“ and it is expressed as a dead volcano is an obvious nonsense. Actually, Letná is named after the plain, stretching from the stream of Brusnice or Brusky to Bubny, which was already in 11th century called „letní pole (summer field)“ or shortly „leteň“. So it is purely Czech and very old name.

Letenské Square was founded in 1912 with development of apartment houses along its southern, eastern and northern sides. Its centre has rather a triangular plan due to impact of the cross town roads. For decades there was a market place, formed by wooden stalls, mostly offering fruits and vegetables. In half-eighties of the last century the stalls served out and were torn down. Then a modern ground-floor shopping hall was built in this place, offering groceries. The hall was re-built after 2000 and extended for the purposes of a supermarket. Approval of this ground-floor building took place on 23rd April 2002.

Regarding the traffic the square is serviced with tram lines. There are even the stations straight in the spot. There is a very busy motor road leading along northern side of the square.