The previous village of Ruzyně had been already mentioned in the foundation charter of Břevnov monastery, in 993. It was joined to the capital of Prague in 1960.

The Old Town used to be a village square in the past. Nowadays, there still some buildings, which remind this fact. Storied house no. 4, which had been built around the half of 19th century, originally part of the house reserved by the owner for his/her retirement, was used as a municipal office in the period of monarchy. Homestead no. 5, initially a baroque building, has had a classicist facade from the beginning of 19th century. House no. 6 in the Old Square was a farmstead as well. Farmyard no. 8 has year of 1823 in the gable. There are several more local buildings from the second half of 19th century. Among the oldest homesteads, not only in the Old Square, but in Ruzyně as a whole there is no. 15, initially a baroque farmyard, re-built in classicist style. The storied residential building with balcony has an inscription with year of 1731 on the overdoor beam.

In the place, where used to stand Ruzyně poorhouse no. 12, ruined in 1926, there is an entrance to the restaurant and wine bar U Bastily, nowadays. The unusual name results from the fact that Remand prison Ruzyně partially turns into the Old Square. There used to stand a sugar mill in this place in the thirties of the last century. During 1934-1935 it was reconstructed to Country work-house. The present prison has capacity of 838 places.

As it has been already mentioned the Old Square used to be a village square. Therefore there is standing a chapel from 1854. Tiny folk architecture recalls the village past of this place. The chapel was repaired in 2002, interior is without mobiliary.