The church of the St. Philip and Jacob in Zlichov is of medieval origin. Originally early-gothic building from the 13th century was refurbished into baroque style in 1713. The church body is flat roofed. This rectangular sacred building with right-angled presbytery and prismatic tower does not exceed with its grandiosity. According to the fact that the church stands on highly elivated relief above the Zbraslav road, it indeed makes a dominant, also thanks to its tower, apparent from many directions and landmark, which cannot be overlooked. The church is surrounded by smaller romantic cemetery, where mainly citizens of independent village Zlichov were buried in the past.

The legend about Horymir from Neumetel, who under the rule of Prince Kresomysl escaped his own death thanks to loyal Semik horse by jumping of the Vyšehrad rock, rises the poetics of this place. Horymir was riding through this exact landscape after crossing the river Vltava. The horse pulled so hard, that his hooves left marks in the limestone rock and people were noticing them for yet long time.

Tower of this church was built on the square platform and has two floors with semicular baroque windows. It is topped by pyramidal roof with finial and cross.