The church stands between the Sokolni St. and Nad kostelem St.. It was built in pseudo-romanesque style as single-aisle with apse by the design of architect Rudolf Vomacka. The foundation-stone was consecrated on 1st July 1900 and already on 22nd September 1901 the new sanctuary was ceremoniously consecrated. It all happened in honour of the Czech saint, St. Prokop (990 – 1053) once abbot of the Sazava monastery.

The dominant of this church, the tower beside the west forefront of this church, was erected two years later under the supervision of the masonry master Frantisek Strnad. Its brick part was added in record time of two months and five days. The tower has a square ground plan of 5 x 5 metres, its hight reaches 20 metres and its pyramidal roof adds another 5 metres. To reach its top it is necessary to conquer 80 steps and two ladders of ten rungs each.

The belfry was emptied by both world wars, when the bells were confiscated used for war purposes. The belfry had to wait to see its new bells until 20th April 1996. On that day the bells decorated with flowers stood in front of the altar and waited for the blessing from the church dignitaries. The biggest bell was called Ludmila, the smaller one Anezka, the yet smaller Mlada and the smallist Zdislava. After the ceremonial act the bells were lifted by crane and settled in their proper places in the tower in the presence of their creator, the master bellfounder Petr Rudolf Manousek. The artistic arrangement of the bells, their decorative ornament representing starry sky. The lettering on the bells is the work of the bellfounder’s mother, academic sculpturesess Kveta Maskova-Manouskova.