The Písek Gate is an outstanding building as well as historical monument. It has its own number 208. It deserves attention because, together with Vyšehrad gates, it is one of the last Prague gates and it is a reminder of the time when Prague used to be surrounded by fortification. You may come to its north gate for carriages and to two gates for the pedestrians from underground station of route A through the park of Charlotte G. Masaryk. And you may come to the south gate from the summer palace of Queen Anna, along the K Brusce Street. On this side there is also plate a memorial tablet saying: „The Písek Gate constructed in. 1721 by Kryštof Dienzenhofer. Sculptural decoration by Jan Oldřich Mayer, one of few preserved gates of Prague fortification, the evidence of development of baroque Prague fortification.“
   This gate, which took the name over two its Lesser-Town predecessors, was constructed within new baroque fortification, which started to be built soon after the end of the Thirty Years’ War. Just this war had proved that the old, mostly gothic, fortification were not able to resist the modern military technology. Construction started in 1655 and the last sections were the Lesser Town and Hradčany. Among all the gates the Písek Gate was built as the last one within so-called Marian fortification.
   Since then the Písek gate has experienced many tribulations and once it should have been demolished. Fortunately, it has been preserved including ground-floor outbuildings on the south, which were used as guards’ homes in the past. After 2000 the dilapidated Písek Gate was reconstructed based on design by arch. Petr Fuchs, including the artistic decoration. Exhibitions take place in the gateway, which has a wood-block pavement and a brick vault. There are various cultural events in other premises. Restoration of this outstanding building monument was accepted positively by the public.