Concourse of Wuchterlova, Kafkova and Kyjevská Streets has created an area of a classic square which has not had a name so far. Democratically, the Municipal District of Prague 6 asked the inhabitants to propose a name. The appeal got enormous reaction, however nothing has been chosen of the wide range of proposals.
   In the west the area, which is surrounded with apartment buildings, is dominated by the frontage of Church of Jan Hus Congregation together with slightly projecting tower, which is 42 m high. The building was constructed in the years 1925-1926 based on design by arch. Jiří Stibral.
   During February and March 2007 an archaeological investigation was realized in the site of the future square, because then underground garages were built there. The area was completely reconstructed, paved and new greenery and benches were placed there.
   In the centre there is a corridor, about 3 m wide, spanned-over by two bridges, where water flows and bed is formed by pebbles. The ford has six stone spans and five water-falls, which are lighted at the ground. Very fine bronze sculptures of three horses, nearly in life size, masterpiece by sculptor Michal Gabriel make it all up. Two of the horses are going through the ford and the third is going outside. It should represent the fact that there was a carrier’s road in the past. The sculptures of the horses are made of solid, which is enjoyed by children, who may touch them and even sit on them. The complete piece was ceremoniously handed over to public at the beginning of May 2008.