Not many prague´s streets or lanes evoke as many romantic fantasies as this one. In its way Zlatá ulička/the Golden Lane goes in parallel with part of ramparts, which were constructed during the rule of the czech king Vladislav Jagellonský in the end of the 15th century.  The ramparts are beside Daliborka also supplemented by two cylindric towers called Mihulka and Bílá/White. Above the roof of houses in this wall there is a passing covered defence hallway which is also the communication connecting these towers. Today it is commonly used by tourists and at the same time they can buy a products of smiths , pulpers and tinners here

Via his decree from the 16th of September 1597 the Emperor Rudolf II. reserved the territory between vaulted castle archs for living of castle shooters. By this act he allowed construction of these miniature objects.  Board of castle shooters had markedly red outfits which were abolished within the josefin´s reformation. The name of the lane is based on the fact, that also gold-beaters usted to live here.  

The houses standing only on one side of Zlatá ulička/the Golden Lane make a masterful display of how to use literally every square centimetre of space. They are storey houses with low upper room which used to serve for overnight sleep. Some of the houses are also partly equipped with underneath cellars. Narrow interior and lack of sunlight upon the windows facing to the north, the inhabitants got a compensating view of Deer ditch, King´s Garden, Míčovna and Letohrádek/Villa of Queen Anna.

The last owners and occupants moved out in 1948 and although they have got quality alternate apartments they were leaving with unwillingness and objections. After that the houses in Zlatá Ulička/the Golden lane have been restored under the architectural control of Pavel Janák. Their coloured facade were designed by national artist, painter and illustrator Jiří Trnka. Inside these houses there are altogether shops with the tourists souvenirs.