The square arose due to modification of the area after 1945. It is situated along the Sokolovská Street near the town hall of Municipal district of Prague 9, which has been hugely completed recently. At the same time there were built several other buildings in a modern architectural style. The square is a very important traffic crossroad. Trams are crossing there and several bus lines have their stops there. But above all there is much used underground station of B route – Vysočanská. The square, which is busy in traffic, has also its calm part; there is quite large park in the western side.

In 1955 the square got name of People’s militia for many years. It happened in the memory of the fact that members of People’s militia from numerous factories and industrial companies in Libeň convened in this place in February 1945. Having been led by communist representative Krosnář they set off for march to Prague. Therefore since 1973 there was standing a memorial to Militiaman by sculptor Jan Simota in the square area. After change of political situation the memorial was removed. Let’s remember that People’s militia were an armed element of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.

After 1990 the name of the square was cancelled. Thus the square did not have a name for some time. In 1995 the municipal authorities decided on new name, the Square of United Nations Organization. The decision was affected by the fact that UN had the fiftieth anniversary of foundation.