The Square of Hora in Libeň is one of those which are crossed with the long Zenklova Street is running. The object of tram line runs there in a very sharp curve, upwards to the station of U Kříže and then to the Upper Libeň and Kobylisy. The western side of the square is closed with a known Prague night entertainment club and another building with a restaurant in the floor. There are apartment houses in the south-east side. Centre of the square is modified like a park.

The square was founded before 1895 and until 1940 it had born the name of Tyrš, in the honour of the co-founder of Sokol, art critic and art historian, Miroslav Tyrš (1832-1884). After rise of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, naming after the Czech patriot hampered to the occupants. Thus during 1940-1945 it was called the Square of Kaperstein. It was named after the previous Old-Town mayor Pavel Kaper of Kaperstein, who held the office in 1565-1570. In 1575 he became the imperial village mayor. After end of World War II the name of Tyrš was returned to the square, however since 1948 it has been named the Square of Hora, after Czech poet and journalist, national artist, Josef Hora (1891-1945).