Kobyliské square was founded in 1925 and since then its name has not been changed. The name recalls the previous village of Kobylisy, which was the part of dominion of Libeň. Kobylisy was joined to Prague due to act, which became effective on 1st January 1922.

Nowadays, Kobyliské Square is the crossing point of important motor roads and also public traffic buses pass through there. Furthermore, there is an entrance to the underground station of C route – Kobylisy.

In the southern side of the square there are large premises of Salesians, whose congregation was established by an Italian, Jan Bosco, in 19th century. He devoted his life to young people, especially to the poor and problematic ones and he entrusted his followers with this mission. Foundation stone for the Salesian boarding school for boys was laid on 8th December 1934 and it was consecrated by Prague archbishop Karel Kašpar. Church of the boarding school was dedicated to St Theresa of Jesus. Parts of the premises were also the theatre, the school and the playground. Until the beginning of World War II a Salesian and later Cardinal Štěpán Trochta was the headmaster there.

During World War II the activities in the premises were finished. Operation was renewed soon after but on the command of the communist regime the friars and the young had to leave it all. The school started to be used for children with speech disturbances; the theatre was renamed to Klicpera’s Theatre.

The whole premises were returned to the Salesians after the change of political situation in 1991. The church of St Therese of Jesus was repaired, extended and re-consecrated and a new bell tower was built there. The Salesian theatre and others were reconstructed as well. Thus the premises are used for education, participation in cultural and sports life particularly for young people again.