Area of the present square, east of the bridge over the stream of Rokytka, had had a street character since building in 1906. The street was called Blanická, after the hill Blaník near Vlašim. After 1945 next modifications of the area had come, which gave it the present appearance and thus it got a nobler name, Blanické Square. In 1948 the square was renamed to the Square of Dr Václav Holý. JUDr. Václav Holý (1900-1941) was an officer of the Supreme price office, officer of the Labour Academy and a resistant fighter during the time of German occupation. He was arrested due to the last-mentioned activity, sentenced to death and executed on 30th September 1941.

Along the southern and northern sides of the square there is a development of apartment houses; the western boundary is defined by the stream of Rokytka or a bridge which spans over it. It is a technical original work, the first concrete road bridge in the Bohemia. As it is written on the memorial tablet, which stays unnoticed by many passer-byes, it was built: „…for maximum load movable 1000 kg/m2 .“ The bridge, which has one vault arch, was built in 1896 on the previous road Prague-Rumburk in unbelievable thirty-five days. In the static aspect it satisfies even the requirements of the present traffic, including fully loaded tram wagons. Let’s mention who designed the bridge and who played an important role in its building realization. He was a civil engineer, surveyor and builder Antonín Los from Smíchov.