Suchdolské Square is of round shape. In the past it was called Church Square, as it had been planned that a church would stand in its centre. Nowadays, two-lane road called International is running there. Previously, it was called Revolution, however after connection of Suchdol to Prague in 1968, the name clashing with its more famous namesake, which separates the Old and the New Town in particular part and therefore it was renamed.

The western side of the square is dominated by a two-storied building of Office of the Municipal district of Prague – Suchdol. Its construction was started in 1941, but the occupation authorities had issued interdiction, it was not possible to continue. Despite, there was established a post office in the ground floor of the half-built building. Construction was completed after agreement with German paramilitary working service Todt as late as in the winter months of 1944-1945. The building should have been used as a military hospital for German soldiers, but regarding the end of the war there were placed the harmed warriors from the May revolution. After the war the second floor was used for school purposes. Later on, became evident that completed construction was done in winter months and probably of imperfect material. In 1978 the school had to leave the building and two years later the previous National Committee and other tenants had to do so as well. The building had been reconstructed and work was completed in the autumn 1982.

In front of the building of Municipal office of Prague – Suchdol there is standing a squared stone pylon with the bust of Mikoláš Aleš in the small park. The non-signed piece of art was situated there in 1985.

Major eastern part of Suchdolské Square is taken by large hotel Galaxie – Wienna. It is three-storied with penthouses and its construction was completed in 1993.