The Square of Brandejs got its name due to decision of city council of the capital of Prague dated on 6th December 2005. It was named in the honour of the fable tenant of one of the homesteads in Suchdol, which also bears his name, Alexandr Brandejs. The aforementioned was a lover of fine arts and he was a great benefactor.

Homestead in Suchdol, whose part was a small castle, became a renowned cultural life centre in the period when it was administered by Alexandr Brandejs. There used to stay previous schoolmate of Brandejs from the grammar school, painter František Ženíšek, his profession colleagues Josef Tulka, Antonín Chittussi, Václav Brožík and Jakub Schikaneder, among sculptors there were especially Josef Václav Myslbek and Josef Mauder. Society in the homestead was sometimes completed by poets Jaroslav Vrchlický, Julius Zeyer and doctor Josef Thomayer, who acted also in literature. But mainly a great Czech painter Mikoláš Aleš was a guest there, who considered Alexandr Brandejs to be a real friend. He wrote in one of his letters: „I have nice time here at Suchdol, so nice that if I had half less nice time here, I could still say that I feel well.“

Half of the house-building in the Square of Brandejs forms a half-circle. It is constituted of one- to three-storied buildings, with wide variety of shops and services in the floor. There is also available a small car-park