Roztylské Square is the central area of residential area in Spořilov, which is formed by small houses. Its name is a token of settlement of Roztyly, which used to stand in this area. Since 1927 it was called the Central Square, however a year later the name Roztylské Square became effective and till now it has been like that without any interruption.

The main building phase of the garden city of Spořilov was realized during 1926-1930. The area of land with size of 80 ha was divided in four districts by traversal and longitudinal streets with lawn strips and with an alley in the middle. Wide Roztylské Square, ascending from the north to the south, with a church, shops and a restaurant, became the centre. Network of the access roads to the single houses arose between the main roads and intra-block streets between the gardens.

Totally, 1 160 houses arose there, attached houses as well as semi-detached houses and isolated villas, for 7 000 inhabitants in the rough. It is interesting that there was partially used the prefabrication technique. The utility lines had to be set there and roads had to be built there, too.

The dominant feature of the Roztylské Square is church dedicated to St Agnes of Bohemia. The foundation stone was laid on 28th October 1934. The design was elaborated by an office of arch. Stanislav Režný, by ing. arch. Nikolaj Paškovský, to be concrete (1897-1970). A modern, three-nave constructivist building has a prismatic tower, thirty meters high, in its front, on which there is placed a massive cross with height of 3, 5 m. The church, which has a capacity of 1 200 people, is 35 m long. The building has a cellar underneath and currently, there is a hall, where concerts and other cultural and social programs take place.