Kunratice is a medieval settlement, whose importance grew especially in the beginning of 15th century, where the New Castle was built in the neighbourhood by Czech King Wenceslas IV. It was joined to Prague on 1st January 1968.

The name of the Church Square is derived from its location, near the church of St Jacob the Bigger. Until 1947 it was called the Square of Švehla, after the native of Hostivař, Czech and then Czechoslovak agrarian politician, participant of the anti-Austrian resistance and prime minister of ČSR, Antonín Švehla (1873-1933). During 1947-1971 it bore a name of the Square of Krasnoarmějců and then the Square of Malinovskij. Rodion Jakovlevič Malinovskij (1898-1967) was a USSR marshal, representative of The Highest Soviet, USSR minister of defence and a member of ÚV KSSS. In Big patriot war he was participating in liberation of Czechoslovakia, spearheading the 2nd Ukrainian group of armies. After change of the political situation in the beginning of the nineties the present name was accepted.

Dominant feature of the square is the church of St Jacob the Bigger, enclosed with a dwarf wall with two gates. Originally an early gothic church from 13th century was replaced with a baroque building in 1730-1736, probably according to the design by arch. Tomáš Haffenecker. Only the presbytery with cross vault and gothic mural paintings from 14th century, which form a vestry now, were kept.

In front of the church there is a sculpture of standing legionary with a lion, on a high pedestal. There are two laurel wreaths on both sides. Inscription on the pedestal says: „In memory of the killed legionaries and soldiers in the World War. Built on 27. 8. 1922.“ Signed: „Designed and realized by A. Hloušek, sculptor, Říčany.“