List of all locations

  1. Astronomical tower in Klementinum
  2. Basilica of St George at the Prague Castle
  3. Bethlehem Chapel
  4. Bridge towers of Lesser Town
  5. Cathedral of St. Vitus at Prague Castle
  6. Černá (Black) Tower
  7. Chapel of St. Cross
  8. Chaple of St. Klára in Troja
  9. Church of Czech Brothers Congragation of J.A.Komensky in Smichov
  10. Church of Jan Hus Congregation at Vinohrady
  11. Church of Jan Hus Congregation Church in Dejvice
  12. Church of Jan Hus Congregation in Holešovice
  13. Church of Jan Hus Congregation in Vršovice
  14. Church of Lady Day „Na trávníčku“
  15. Church of Master Jan Hus Union in Smíchov
  16. Church of St. Anthony of Paduan
  17. Church of St. Apollinaire
  18. Church of St. Benedict at Hradčany
  19. Church of St. Climent in Bubny
  20. Church of St. Cosmas & Damian “Na Slovanech”
  21. Church of St. Cryl and St. Methodius
  22. Church of St. Gabriel in Smíchov
  23. Church of St. Haštal
  24. Church of St. Havel
  25. Church of St. Ignazio
  26. Church of St. Jacob the Bigger in Old Town
  27. Church of St. Jan Nepomucky at Skalka
  28. Church of St. Jan Nepomucky in Košíře
  29. Church of St. Jilji
  30. Church of St. Katherine
  31. Church of St. Kliment
  32. Church of St. Laurence on Petrin
  33. Church of St. Ludmila at Vinohrady
  34. Church of St. Margaret in Břevnov
  35. Church of St. Michael in the Kinského Garden
  36. Church of St. Michal in Opatovice
  37. Church of St. Nicholas in Lesser Town
  38. Church of St. Nicholas in Old Town Square
  39. Church of St. Nicholas in Vršovice
  40. Church of St. Norbert in Střešovice
  41. Church of St. Peter and Paul at Vyšehrad
  42. Church of St. Peter at Na Poříčí
  43. Church of St. Philip and Jacob
  44. Church of St. Philip and Jacob in Zlichov
  45. Church of St. Prokop in Žižkov
  46. Church of St. Prokop’s in Branik
  47. Church of St. Salvator
  48. Church of St. Salvator in Křížovnické Square
  49. Church of St. Simon and Judy
  50. Church of St. Stephen
  51. Church of St. Thomas
  52. Church of St. Vojtěch
  53. Church of St. Wenceslas at Zderaza
  54. Church of St. Wenceslas in Nusle
  55. Church of St. Wenceslas in Smíchov
  56. Church of St. Wenceslas in Vršovice
  57. Church of St.Pankrac on Pankrac
  58. Church of the Holy Ghost
  59. Church of the Holy Trinity at Trojská Street
  60. Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  61. Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Charles the Great
  62. Church of the Virgin Mary Angelic at Hradčany
  63. Church of the Virgin Mary Victorious in Lesser Town
  64. Church of the Virgin Mary’s Ascension in Strahov
  65. Church of Virgin Mary under Chain
  66. Church of Virgin Mary, St. Jerome and St. Slavonic Patrons at Slovany
  67. Czech Museum of Music
  68. Daliborka
  69. Equalizing Water Tower at Dívčí Hrady
  70. Former Dominican homestead in Branik
  71. Industrial Palace in Holešovice
  72. Jewish Council House
  73. Jindrisska tower
  74. Loretta at Hradčany
  75. Main (Wilson’s) Railway Station
  76. Masarykovo Railway Station
  77. Municipal Maternity Hospital
  78. National Museum
  79. New Town Council
  80. Novomlýnská Water Tower
  81. Old Town Bridge Tower
  82. Old Town Hall
  83. Old Town Water Tower
  84. Pavilion of Hanau
  85. Petrin tower
  86. Podolská Water-station
  87. Powder Tower
  88. Powder Tower / Mihulka
  89. Television Tower in Žižkov
  90. The Crown Plaza Prague Hotel
  91. The Domes of the Ortodox Church at Olšanské Cemetery
  92. The Former Charles Institute of the Blind at Klarov
  93. The Former Monastery of St. Agnes Na Františku
  94. The Šitkovská Water-tower
  95. Troja Castle
  96. Týnský Cathedral
  97. Water Tower at Na Zelené Lišce
  98. Water Tower of Lesser Town in Smíchov
  99. Water Tower of Vinohrady
  100. Water-Tower at Letná
  101. White Tower